20 Creative Valentine’s Day Wreaths

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It can be sad to take down that brown Christmas wreath. But just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you have to forget about wreaths. A nice aspect to wreaths is that you can actually hang them year-round in different seasonal and holiday themes, like Valentine’s Day wreaths. Wreaths are an easy way to get into the spirit of a holiday. You can either use them as a subtle accent or as part of a larger holiday decorating scheme.

And there are plenty of creative Valentine’s Day wreaths out there. From bold flowers to romantic heart shapes to layered burlap, there are many different ideas for hanging a wreath around Valentine’s Day that you may want to try.

Floral Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Flowers make an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day wreaths since flowers are a common Valentine’s Day gift. They just tie right into the holiday. And since flowers tend to be common in the pink, red and white colors of the holiday, that makes them a popular choice for Valentine’s Day wreaths, too. On top of that, flowers add a rich texture and romantic feel to any piece. And Valentine’s Day is all about romance.

So take a look below to see some bold flower wreaths that tie perfectly into the holiday. From gorgeous roses to red tulips to lush hydrangeas, below are some romantic pieces that will look great on any front door.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Pink Roses

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like pink roses in this Rose Wreath, Courtesy of Wayfair.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Light Rose Shades

This multicolored rose display has some gorgeous texture and color, as you can see in this 15-inch Rose Wreath, Courtesy of Wayfair.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Red Tulips

Bright tulips, while more of a spring flower, can work in a Valentine’s Day display when shaped into a heart in this Red Tulip Heart Wreath, Courtesy of Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Roses Vines

This Pink Heart Shaped Wreath makes great use of texture, Courtesy of Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Pink and Red Flowers

While this Valentine’s Day Wreath is advertised as a summer wreath, these pink and red hydrangeas make it a good match for Valentine’s Day, Courtesy of Etsy.

Foliage Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Valentine’s Day wreaths don’t have to just focus on flowers. Different types of foliage also make great materials for holiday wreaths. While many people think of foliage in fall decorations, items with green leaves can also work well in Valentine’s Day designs. These materials are usually fashioned into heart shapes, making them a more subtle home addition for the holiday.

And in many parts of the country, February can mean warming weather. The lush, bright foliage can hint at spring days to come. Take a look below if you’d like a wreath that focuses on natural textures.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Foliage Hearts

Bright green heart wreaths are a subtle way to decorate for Valentine’s Day, as you can see in these Preserved Boxwood Heart Wreaths, Courtesy of Wayfair.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Foliage Berries Heart

The heart shape and red of the berries make this Berry Heart 8-inch Wreath a good piece for Valentine’s Day, Courtesy of Wayfair.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Green Heart

This Boxwood Wreath is another subtle foliage piece. Image: Etsy

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Greenery Hearts

Some hearts added to a basic green wreath can make it a great holiday item. Image: Katarzyna Gdula / Shutterstock

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Leaves and Flowers

You can fashion faux foliage vines into a heart shape for a romantic piece, as you can see in this Heart Vine Wreath, Courtesy of Etsy.

Fabric Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Different types of layered fabric are also popular in wreaths and these designs are easy to modify for Valentine’s Day. After all, there are many different Valentine’s Day fabrics for sale. Sometimes, a simple red fabric is all you need to set the tone for the holiday.

The textures on these designs can run the gamut. Some have more woven, rustic textures, making them good for country, farmhouse and other rustic themes. Burlap is a wonderful texture that was made for rustic homes, in particular. Others have more of a rich, satin sheen to them, while other designs go for high texture and contrast.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Burlap Pink

Pink burlap makes a colorful and rustic Valentine’s Day piece in this Valentine’s Day Wreath, Courtesy of Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Shimmering Red

The shimmering texture makes the Red Metallic Chevron Burlap Heart Wreath more of a modern piece, Courtesy of Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Bright Pink Heart

A bold pink ruffled texture creates a romantic vibe, like in this Pink Burlap Valentine Heart Wreath, Courtesy of Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Fabric Texture

Some fabric pieces focus on high contrast, as in this Valentine’s Day Burlap Wreath, Courtesy of Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Dark Red Fabric

A dark burlap can make a stately wreath, like in this Valentine’s Day Wreath, Courtesy of Etsy.

Heart Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Some wreaths don’t fit into certain categories too easily due to their varying materials. The fact is, you can make a wreath out of just about anything. Some of the wreaths below are even made out of seashells or rocks. But what makes them work as Valentine’s Day wreaths is that they are all heart-shaped.

However, due to their colors and textures, you could also hang these wreaths year-round. And different textures help them work with certain home styles. The seashell wreath, for example, would be great in a nautical theme. So take a look below for some of the most creative heart-shaped wreaths.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Shell Heart

This Strombus Shell Wreath would be great for nautical-themed homes, Courtesy of Wayfair.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Tinsel Heart

Tinsel hearts can add an attractive sheen to the center of any Valentine’s Day wreath, especially this Happy Valentine’s Day Deco Mesh Wreath, Courtesy of Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Cotton Heart

This cotton plant Valentine Door Hanger would be wonderful in rustic homes that feature natural textures, Courtesy of Etsy.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths Stone Hearts

Even rocks can make an attractive and subtle Valentine’s Day wreath when fashioned into a heart shape, like in this Hanging Rock Heart Wreath Trio, Courtesy of Wayfair.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths White and Red Berries

These red and white berries make a good Valentine’s Day piece when shaped like a heart, like this Heart Shaped Door Wreath, Courtesy of Etsy.

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